Men are bigger gossips than women, according to new research。



  1. Drunken friends 喝醉的朋友

  2. News 新闻

  3. Old school friends 老校友

  4. Female colleagues at work 女同事

  5. The sexiest girl at work 漂亮女同事

  6. Spreading rumours 传闻

  7. Promotions 晋升

  8. Sexual relationships 性关系

  9. Salaries 薪水

  10. The boss 老板


  1. Other women 其他女人

  2. News 新闻

  3. Relationship problems 人际关系

  4. Other people's relationships 其他人的人际关系

  5. Sexual relationships 性关系

  6. Friend's weight gain 朋友的体重

  7. Soap operas 肥皂剧

  8. Other women's boyfriends / husbands 朋友的男友/老公

  9. The mother-in-law 婆婆

  10. Celebrities 名人

  A study has found that men spend an average 76 minutes a day tittle-tattling with their friends or work colleagues, compared to just 52 minutes for women。


  Favourite topics include the antics of drunken friends, old school friends, and the most attractive girl at work。


  The poll of 5,000 people was conducted by global research company 。


  It found the office is the preferred place for men to exchange gossip, whereas women prefer to confide in their friends from the comfort of their own home。


  A third of men are happiest when chatting with work colleagues, and 58 per cent admit that being a gossip makes them feel "part of the gang"。


  And for 31 per cent of men, having a gossip with their partner is actually better than sexual relations。


  Other topics good for male chat include the local news agenda, rumours about possible relationships in the office or the boss, promotions, sex and salaries。


  A spokesman for Onepoll said: "It is commonly believed that women are the ones who love to spread rumours, and gossip about their friends behind their backs。


  "But this poll proves that men aren't as bad as women, they're worse! Men just love a bit of scandal, and will do anything they can to be centre of attention with their colleagues and peers。


  "At the end of the day, hot gossip spices up what would otherwise be another boring day at the office."


  Women also love to talk about news, but rather than focusing on politics or government issues, news about soap operas and celebrities are more likely to cause a debate。


  And any type of relationship is up for discussion--whether it is their own, their friends, their friends' friends or their bond with their mother-in-law。


  More than half of women openly admit to regularly discussing the ins and outs of their private lives with their friends。


  But whereas men's discussions are more influenced by what is happening at work, women are more inclined to take note of celebrity lifestyles, soap gossip and other people。


  A spokesman for Onepoll continued: "Although they discuss very different things during their gossiping sessions, men and women agree on one thing--talking with mates, work colleagues or partners makes them feel like they belong."


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