Be Honest, Be Happy!




   On a Friday night, a poor young violinist was playing his violin at the entrance of the subway station. The music was so great that people slowed down to listen and put some money into his hat.

   The next day, the violinist came to the entrance again. He put down his hat as usual. Beside the hat was a piece of paper with some words on it. It said, “A George Sang has put an important thing into my hat by mistake. Welcome to claim(认领) it.”

   Soon the people were all attracted by the words and wondered what it could be. After a while a man rushed through the crowd, took the violinist’s shoulders and said, “I knew you would certainly come here.” The violinist asked, “Did you lose something?” “Lottery(彩票).” The violinist took out a lottery ticket with Sang’s name on it. Sang took it and danced happily.

   Sang was an office worker. He bought the lottery and won a prize of $500,000. But when he gave $50 to the violinist for his wonderful music, the lottery ticket was thrown in, too. The violinist was a college student. That morning, he was going to fly to Vienna for music education. However, when he found the ticket, he cancelled the flight and returned to the entrance.

   Later someone asked the violinist why he didn’t take the lottery ticket to pay the tuition fee(学费). He said, “Although I don’t have much money, I live happily. If I lose honesty(诚实), I won’t be happy forever.” I believe that honesty is the best policy. If I don’t live an honest life I will be a miserable person!