The best way to destroy an enemy

is to make him a friend.
---Abraham Lincoln




1. Have a nice day.(祝你一天愉快。)【美国人天天用!】

2. That's awesome.(太棒了!)【绝对地道!】

3. Don't worry.(别担心。)

4. I totally understand.(我完全理解。)

5. Let me give you a hand.(让我帮你一下。)

6. That's amazing.(真了不起。)

7. How are you doing this morning?(今天早晨好吗?)

8. Have a safe trip.(一路顺风。)

9. It was a pleasure talking to you.(和你聊天很开心。)

10. I know what you are saying.(我明白你的意思。)

11. Are you full?(你吃饱了吗?)

12. Do you feel like eating something?(想吃点东西吗?)

13. What's going on?(有什么新进展吗?你好吗?)

14. We have to get together some time.(找个时间聚一聚。)

15.  Good job.(做得不错。)

16. Thank you so much.(非常感谢。)

17.  I really appreciate that.(非常感谢。)

18. I need a break.(我要休息一下。)

 19. Have a good time.(祝你玩得愉快。) 

20 . I will talk to you later.(有时间再聊。)

21. Let me think.(让我想想。)

22. I have a funny story for you.


23. Have fun.(祝你玩得开心。) 

24. That's sweet!(太牛了!)【绝对纯正!】

25. That's cool.(太酷了!)

26. What do you do for a living?(你做什么工作?)

27. Take a look at this.(看一看这个。)

28. I don't buy it.(我不相信。)

29. Go ahead.(别客气。随便。)

30.  I'm really sorry about that.(这件事我非常抱歉。)

31. What a mess!(乱极了!太可怕了!)

32. It's weird.(真奇怪!)

33. Is everything OK?(一切都好吗?)

34. No question about it.(没问题。)

35. I'm beat.(累死了。)【奥巴马常用!】

36.  This is driving me crazy.(这快让我疯了。)